There is a buzz about health and wellness these days that inspires us to think about our own personal definitions of wellness.  We want to lose weight, exercise more, develop better eating habits, improve management of daily stress...the list goes on and on. We try making New Year's resolutions, fitness programs, fad diets, cleaning out our pantries, and endless strategies in the attempt to capture the outcome that we want: to feel healthy and live well.

But it's HARD.

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It is overwhelming to make changes to lifestyle habits that we have sustained for years.  We may begin a new fitness regime or change eating habits for a period of time but it is hard to make changes that stick, not to mention form new habits that fit reasonably into our daily lives.  While we are surrounded every day with so much knowledge, advertising, and promotions about health, do we really know how to put that knowledge to work??

Wellness coaching is about creating, living, and sustaining your personal vision of wellness.  Wellness coaches partner with you to prioritize what is important to you to create a plan of action that fits in to your lifestyle.  Wellness coaches help you build confidence in your own ability to execute the healthy lifestyle you envision.  From defining what wellness means to you to building new habits, a strong partnership with a Wellness Coach can help build structure and accountability so that you can grow beyond what you could have done on your own.

Your vision of wellness is achievable. 
A Wellness Coach can help.